Sandra H.

She started her inner development in 2005 with Osho meditations. Following this process, she entered Yoga by taking Jivamukti, Dharma and Asthanga classes, until 2011, when she found her way in Anusara Yoga, a school that inspires her with its system and philosophy to keep studying every day. Now she is grateful of being able to share the lessons that have changed her so much.

Later she became very fond of acroyoga -a fusion of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. In this practice she could cultivate confidence, connection and play. Currently she is undergoing a certification process in this branch of yoga.

Sandra travelled to India in September 2013, where she learned more about yoga and the culture and traditions of that country, and where she acquired many strong experiences that have left a deep mark in her life.

She is full of gratitude and respect towards each of her teachers, such as Paloma Baker, Gerson Frau, Rafael Cervantes, Laila Kuri, Gaby Zermeño, Jorge Espinoza and BJ Galván, because they have presented her with knowledge about herself and about yoga practice.

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